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    General conditions

    • The equipment can exclusively be collected the day indicated on your reservation, from 8.00am to 7.00pm, at Franz-Ski. For the collection a print of the confirmation page is necessary.[li][li]Without the confirmation print the reserved material will not be forwarded to the client. [li][li]If the material will not be collected within the given terms, it will not be kept in deposit and Franz-Ski will have the right to resell it.
    • The discount is exclusively valid on the material booked online. It will not be valid on the rent or or purchase of other equipment at the shop directly.
    • If the booked material will not be collected within the given terms, the discount will not be valid anymore.
    • The equipment has to be returned at Franz-Ski within the given terms on the confirmation sheet, within 7.00pm.
    • If the equipment will not be returned within the given terms, every further day of rent will be charged.
    • If the rent will be extended, the discount is not granted on the additional days.
    • The payment may be done on the first day or on the day of return of the equipment.
    • Using our online ski-rent you automatically agree to all the above mentioned conditions.